Learn to cope better with the stresses of life

There are many benefits to meditation, mindfulness and relaxation. With guidance, you will learn to cope better with the stresses of life, helping you to relax, unwind and breathe deeply.

You can now get access to a series of one hour relaxation sessions at The Disability Resource Centre. This is a gentle, calming and supportive group giving you time to relax and develop techniques to use at home.

What people say about our course:

“I find the group meditation sessions more beneficial than I could have imagined. The group is lovely, and taking time to meditate helps me manage the stress of day to day life. I notice benefits throughout the week, not just when I am at a meditation session.”
“The perfect way to unwind and clear your head. I always come away feeling relaxed and chilled. I’m looking forward to the next session.”
“Thoroughly enjoyed the session that passed so quickly! I slept so well, thank you.”

The benefits you may experience may include:

  • Better sleep
  • Calmness
  • Pain management
  • Improved focus
  • Fighting depression

Course Cost: £30 (6 weeks)

Please call us on 01582 470900 or email us to find out more.