We've been impressed with the help available on the CarersUK online forum.

It's a place to ask questions, with other carers providing the answers. 

Here are some links to some useful questions and answers:

Tips for Newbie carers - A popular list of 14 tips for new carers including:

"1. Recognise yourself as a carer, if you think you maybe one then you are!
2. Keep a list of contact names and useful phone numbers
3. Get yourself registered as a carer at the GP surgery
4. Request a Carers Assessment for yourself with Social Services at local Council
5. Request a needs assessment for your caree with Social Services at local Council
6. Make sure you are claiming all relevant financial help and benefits
7. Make sure your caree has all appropriate aids to make life easier..."

Read the full list on the CarersUK online forum.

More links to useful information on the Carers UK forum:

Positive ways to cope with low mood - A popular post by a carer lists 35 ways you can help yourself overcome low moods.

Transition from hospital to nursing home - This forum question/answer is a good example of carers supporting carers. The carers not only provide factual/practical support but are also very sympathetic and understanding.

Will studying affect my benefits? - There are plenty of answers to this student's question.

Young adult carers - A place for those 18-35 to chat about all things caring.

Learning disabilities - For issues specific to caring for someone with learning disabilities

Try out the CarersUK online forum today.

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