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Care Academy

Whether you are an employer or a personal assistant (PA) you can access a range of relevant and engaging workshops delivered by specialist trainers.Read more

Courses for life

Find out about our free training courses to help you build your confidence and feel calm. Learn about our free IT training and employment support programmes too.Read more

Moving and Handling training

The Disability Resource Centre is pleased to be able to offer courses in Moving and Handling both for care agency staff and for private individuals.Read more

'Forward Together'

Join our free courses to build on your skills to support yourself and others. There are three courses to choose from: Empowerment, Experts by Experience and Community Champions.Read more

In to work

For residents in Central Bedfordshire and Aylesbury: Our free, friendly and supportive course offering a personalised action plan including one-to-one coaching & group support.Read more


For Luton, Bedfordshire & Northampton: The course will help to improve your confidence and teach new skills to develop your job-hunting techniques.Read more


A new health and fitness programme for disabled people. Come and join us if you have reduced mobility and/or would like to lose some weight.Read more

Relaxation & Mindfulness

There are many benefits to meditation, mindfulness and relaxation. With guidance, you will learn to cope better with the stresses of life, helping you to relax, unwind and breathe deeply.Read more

Money management

Helping you to take control of your financial wellbeing. Our free, friendly and supportive course offers one-to-one coaching and group support, helping you to take control of your financial wellbeing.Read more

Employer Academy

Support for Employers of Disabled People. Learn how to transform the culture and skills mix of your business, and how to recruit and retain people with disabilities.Read more

Teresa's video story

Teresa filmed this video herself to talk about the training and support she received from The Disability Resource Centre, giving her the guidance and confidence to get a new job.Read more

Disability awareness sessions

This course is for employers to further their understanding of the wide-ranging implications of disability. It will also cover attitudes to, and the legal requirements around service provision for people with disabilities.Read more