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Job vacancies for Personal Assistants

See our list of new job vacancies for Personal Assistants (PAs) in care, every week. We can provide free training and on Fridays, we hold a drop-in session for people interested in becoming a Personal Assistant in care.Read more

Download forms and prices

For clients: You can download forms, tariffs and charges on this page. You can also access our client brochure and information for each council area.Read more

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What is self directed support?

Learn all about our self directed support service, all the many benefits and how we can help you to gain more control of the care and support you need.Read more

Success stories

Read how we helped Anna filling in forms, Peter to employ a personal assistant, Mrs Bartool to care for her daughter and more. These personal stories will give you an idea of how we can help you.Read more

PA job matching service

We run a PA job matching service where we match-up clients with a personal assistant (PA) who is currently available to provide care and support.Read more

Self funders

We offer self directed support services for self-funders too. Helping people best use their own resources without them having to do more of the administration tasks than they feel happy with. We can do as much or as little as you want and you can choose extra services at any time.Read more