Our new partnership with CarePair

We have partnered with CarePair to help Personal Assistants and carers find jobs and for employers to find carers or PAs. Read more

Help with housing

Over 20 links to useful websites and information helping you with housing, for people across Bedfordshire. Read more

This is me

Improve your health, confidence & wellbeing. We can help with our brand new "This is me" support programme. We have a series of free workshops to help you be the best you can be. Read more

See us on Facebook and Twitter

We are always posting lots of useful videos, stories, links, jobs, tips, campaigns, advice and photos to our Facebook and Twitter pages. Come and join our many fans and followers. Read more

Care Academy

Whether you are an employer or a personal assistant (PA) you can access a range of relevant and engaging workshops delivered by specialist trainers. Read more

What is your role as a carer?

Are you are a full-time carer or part-time carer? Or perhaps you are a long distance carer. Take a look at the help that is available whatever your type of caring role. Read more

Caring for yourself

When you are a carer it is sometimes difficult to remember that you need to care for your own health too. So we have compiled some useful tips and links to help you keep healthy. Read more

Carers helping carers

We've been impressed with the help available on the CarersUK online forum. It's a place to ask questions, with other carers providing the answers. There's lots of useful tips and plenty of sympathetic support. Read more

4 ways to save money on transport

We've compiled all the links and info to help disabled people and carers to save money on buying cars, parking and buses in Luton and Bedfordshire. Read more

All about "Carer's Assessment"

See our our step-by-step guide to everything you need to know about "Carer's Assessment". Read more

Know your rights as a carer

Be in the know with the help of the expert guide to 'carers rights' from Carers UK. The guide gives a full picture of the practical and financial support available to carers. Read more

Support groups

We have helped set-up a number of support groups that may be useful to you. There's a support group for carers, support for those with fibromyalgia and support for your physical and emotional well being. Read more