Take a look on this page at how we helped people this week - w/c 30th July 2018

We get lots of enquiries by phone and email every week, we always try to answer quickly and with lots of useful information about our wide range of services.

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We helped Elizabeth, a carer, who looks after a young man who has down syndrome.

See our page with information to help carers.

We helped Angela to hire a meeting room at The Disability Resource Centre for her training programme.

See our page about the rooms we have for hire.

We helped Amanda, who is hard of hearing, find a gadget that will flash a light when her doorbell and phone is ringing.

Get some help finding equipment to help with your health condition or disability on our equipment advice page.

We helped Mary find out how we can support carers of people with learning disabilities.

Learn how we help carers on our carers pages.

We helped Susan when she attended our ‘Moving and handling’ training, thanks for all your feedback too.

Learn about all our training programmes and see the dates for the next moving and handling courses.

We helped Tony with information and an application form to become one of our volunteers. Thanks Tony.

Find out about volunteering for The Disability Resource Centre.

We helped Malcolm to hire one of our wheelchairs.

Find out about our wheelchair hire service.

We helped Caitlin learn about the training opportunities at our care academy, specifically the care certificate.

Find out about the training course we provide for carers and personal assistants in care (PAs).

Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our customers.