Lesley our receptionist

Everyone meets Lesley, our receptionist, when they visit our offices and disability equipment shop here in Dunstable.

So we asked her to tell us a little about her role and the things she does when not manning the front desk at The Disability Resource Centre.

When did you join the team at The Disability Resource Centre?

I started working at The Disability Resource Centre in 2000. I have seen many changes over the last 18 years. Lots of different tenants have been based here, so quite a busy reception.

So you are the first person most visitors will see at The Disability Resource Centre. How do you try to make a great first impression?

I always try to be friendly and professional, with a hint of humour, as I often feel this makes visitors feel at ease. They may be visiting us for a variety of reasons and they could be going through a stressful period in their lives. So I hope seeing someone cheerful and helpful helps them to relax.

You told me the other day that you know most of our regular visitors. So what do they come back to The Disability Resource Centre to do?

We have lots of returning visitors, many here as they are having counselling or therapy or are visiting our large equipment and advice services. They may perhaps be attending one of our many courses that The Disability Resource Centre provide for people to assist them getting back into work, after perhaps a serious illness or a major hick-up in their life.

Tell us a funny story about your time on reception at The Disability Resource Centre.

I enjoy the visitors who have helping pets, always nice to have a four legged friend around and we always keep a dog bowl under the desk so they can have a drink. The reception waiting room always sounds livelier when a dog is waiting with their owner for an appointment. I think they enjoy the fuss too. One of our disabled employees who worked here a while ago did bring to work his helping dog who normally behaved impeccably and we all loved him being here. We however, did have a mishap one day which most pet owners would advise that having a doggy bag to hand is always helpful. 

What's the car parking like at The Disability Resource Centre?

The DRC has easy access for all disabled people, we have a number of disabled parking bays both at the front, and also in our back car park which is free to anyone attending the building.

So what do you like doing when you are not at work?

I am quite active going to the gym. I do a some yoga, but not quite got my legs around my neck yet, but ever hopeful! However I do love to swim and do so a few times a week. My partner is into scuba diving but hasn’t persuaded me to put on a wet suit yet. I prefer a hot sandy beach, sun bed and a cocktail in hand.

Ceasar Salad

We're loving our charity-wide theme of gardens (and growth) at The Disability Resource Centre this year; so do you like gardening?

The charity–wide theme of gardens (and growth) is an interesting idea of how to grow imagination for many work placed projects. I can’t say in my spare time I enjoy gardening, although I like to keep it tidy. I quite enjoy being in a deckchair in the garden... to cultivate a tan… does that count?

What's your favourite accessible coffee/tea shop near you?

We have a nice reception area at The Disability Resource Centre with a coffee and tea machine. It makes a lovely cappuccino for only 60p. The other coffee facilities nearby are on the White Lion Retail Park where you have Costa Coffee (in Next), Sainsbury and my favourite is Dunhelm just on Luton Road.

What's the most important thing you've learned from working at The Disability Resource Centre?

I believe the most important thing I have learned since working at The Disability Resource Centre​​​​​​​ is being patient and tolerant, as people have many diverse problems. I always try to be compassionate.