Anne works for the CEO of our charity and has written about how the whole team at The Disability Resource Centre works hard to help people every day.

"Know we value you

Oxford Dictionary defines 'value':

"The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. . . ‘your support is of great value’"

Working as PA to the Chief Executive, I very often hear the term ‘values’, which feeds into every aspect within the function of The Disability Resource Centre, from the staff that run the services through to the service users who visit The Disability Resource Centre to ask for help and guidance.

So feeling valued . . . how does The Disability Resource Centre make our service users feel valued?

I’d like to share my own story. Working in the back office as PA, I rarely get the opportunity to meet with the service users who visit The Disability Resource Centre, but when I do escape the office, it’s great to walk around and experience how the staff interact and hold out their hands to help those in need.

One evening, as the Centre was closing, I noticed a gentleman in Reception who was clearly distraught. He had come in to The Disability Resource Centre for assistance, but all of our staff had left for the day. He explained that he rarely left the house, but had made such a big effort to walk to The Disability Resource Centre from his home to ask for help. My first thought was that this gentleman could not be left without listening to what was troubling him. I took him to one side and spent an hour listening to his story and reassuring him that he was not alone, and that I would help.

The following day, I spoke to one of our Advisors who took down all the details I had noted the day before, and followed up with the appropriate action that same day. A few days later, the gentleman returned to say thank you for the help he had received. I was so touched that he had returned to visit The Disability Resource Centre again, even though it was difficult for him. He told me that he had named a blackbird in his garden after me; a simple gesture, but one that I valued as it was his way of thanking me.

So how does The Disability Resource Centre stand out from everyone else?

I believe it’s the overall dedication and empathy behind all of the staff members who work here at The Disability Resource Centre and the willingness to go that extra mile to help.

We value every person who walks through our doors or telephones The Disability Resource Centre to ask for our help".

We help thousands of people every month

Over 12,500 people contacted us with an enquiry related to a disability or health condition and two thirds asked about more than one topic. We supported over 2,000 disabled people to directly employ their own carers and more.