Take a look at the new features:

  1. Improved website accessibility function to make it easier to navigate our website for people with special accessibility needs.
  2. New ‘Donate’ button - This will help us raise more funds for our vital services.
  3. New online shop - We will soon be introducing our new online shop.
  4. New jargon buster - A handy guide to all the jargon used by professionals in the worlds' of health, support and care.
  5. New website colours - We hope you like our new colours that are a touch stronger and so are easier to read. 
  6. New photography - We've worked hard choosing the right photos to make our pages look attractive without being too distracting!
  7. New email newsletter - Now you can sign-up for regular updates in our newsletters, delivered by email.
  8. New ‘The difference we make' page - We are adding more stories, results of our events and statistics of our successes every month.
  9. New ‘History’ page - take a look at how we all started.
  10. New menu - our old menu was quite difficult to use and we hope our new 'trimmed down' version will be clearer and easy to get to where you want.

Please take a minute to answer our survey because we would love to hear your feedback on our new website.