Last Friday we ran a launch event to introduce our new ICARE exercise machine that is designed for disabled people.

We had physios, personal trainers and more fitness professionals join us at the event. They found out how this amazing machine can help disabled people to exercise safely and who are fully supported by the ICARE machine.

The attendees of the event were there for a presentation of the equipment and Q and A’s. The phyisos and personal trainers were from a range of organisations that support chronic conditions; including Active Luton (health), Headway (brain injury) and Team Beds and Luton (for county wide sports).

Our volunteer demonstrator, Fiona Forsyth, had a work-out on the machine. Fiona has a spinal cord injury and works for The Disability Resource Centre.
Presenting at the event were Sports Art Regional Manager, Nik Elphick and national manager Roger Eldergill along with personal trainer, James Wood, who talked through a case study of the machine.

It was an excellent demonstration and Fiona said “I felt the benefit of the specialist equipment straight away as it corrected my walking position so I could walk better. I haven’t been able to get into that position before without specialist equipment and not since working with a physio".

Please contact [email protected] for full details.

The Disability Resource Centre's facilities manager Jan Cielecki recently redecorated the new exercise room especially designed for the new ICARE machine. He was helped by volunteers from Luton Borough Council and TUI. We very much appreciate the hard work from everyone on the team. Thank you all very much ;-)