Melanie Hawman, our CEO, discovered some fabulous artworks this week:

Melanie Hawman, our CEO

“After meeting one of the art groups recently, I was delighted to be invited to attend the exhibition of artworks created by participants of our recent Creative Wellbeing courses, which are funded by B.E.S.S. Central Bedfordshire. This took place in our community hub last Tuesday evening.

Shelley displays some of her artworks

Shelley displays some of her new artworks

As a keen artist myself I was blown away by some of the artworks on display and could see the amount of effort that every single contributor had made to produce their best work.

There were some fabulous pieces on display demonstrating different uses of technique and materials, with plenty good enough to sell. 

Art of display

Donna with just a few of her artworks

Although this was very impressive the real achievement was in the way that the individuals talked about their experience of participating in the course and how much it had meant to them.  

A number of people volunteered to speak to the audience which consisted of participants, family and friends plus other members of staff about the therapeutic process behind the course and how much they had benefitted.  

They thanked the team from The Disability Resource Centre and also the tutors Clare and Rigerta for guiding and facilitating not only their artistic endeavour but their personal growth. 

Partcipant from . our Creative Wellbeing courses

Kevin receiving his certificate

This was very insightful and wonderful to hear, particularly as our mission is to empower people with disabilities and health conditions to fulfil their potential and aspirations.

Different personalities, different types of people and all had formed a common bond through gathering to produce something they hadn’t done before. It seemed to me that they had wanted to, but lacked the confidence. The work of the dedicated team in community services (and made possible by funders who recognised the different needs of the people we serve) had produced a communal positive outcome.

Everyone started from a different place in their emotional and physical wellbeing and yet every single person talked about the progress they had made and also the friends that they had made.

This was music to my ears… hmm what about a choir next?"

Melanie Hawman, July 2019.

Photos of artists published with their permission.