Come along to a special free demonstration of this amazing rotating chair bed.

We will be demonstrating the bed here at The Disability Resource Centre and you'll be able to try it out for yourself.

The Rota-Pro ® rotational chair bed helps people get into and out of bed without assistance, helping them to restore their mobility and independence.

Compared to alternative solutions such as hoists or care assistance, Rota-Pro ® offers a simple, comfortable, and dignified means of getting into and out of bed. It comes complete with a pressure reducing mattress and bespoke bedding to hold a pillow in place.

It can be configured to rotate out to the left or the right hand side according to user preference, and all positions are re-programmable for maximum comfort and support.

Spaces are limited so please let us know you will be attending this demonstration event.

Please contact us to book your space and for more details on 01582 470900 or email us.