The Confident Carer Service

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This service is based in Luton Town Centre and is for Carers who live or care for someone who lives in Luton.

We have been working hard to ensure that people with dependents with any condition and of any age can identify as a Carer and with support access local and universal services that they may not have recognised are open to them.

Customer satisfaction is very high. We often receive letters of thanks like this: "Thank you, F, Y and S for putting me in touch with correct medical professionals, Talking to local authority housing officers regarding my housing needs as a family on my behalf and suggesting that the council purchase the property from my landlady so my sick parents can remain in an environment that houses all their equipment and can be adjusted to support their needs as my parents are very unwell and did not need to be moved about, stability being the key word." 

We work with partners to reduce isolation that Carers experience and bring people together in a variety of ways so that they can support each other after the immediate need has been addressed. 

The group meets monthly at The Disability Resource Centre.

Read all about how we help carers on our website.