We have formed collaborative partnerships with different community companies to develop the health and wellbeing offer to disabled people. A successful collaboration between the DRC and BIG Health and Fitness has led to some remarkable achievements for service users and the creation of a small fitness suite at the DRC. 

In March, a female Luton resident "V" approached the DAS team because she had become upset when using a slimming club. As a wheelchair user (due to an illness) she was unable to use the scales that the commercial club required, she felt humiliated and isolated by the experience.
The Advisor took her to our wheelchair scales which are in a private room and weighed her, the advisor has counselling qualifications and was able to work with the person over the coming weeks as she returned for her weekly weigh in. After a few weeks V had lost a little weight and was feeling much stronger emotionally.
At this time she was referred to BIG Health and Fitness specialist exercise classes at the DRC which covered confidence and motivation. Enjoying them greatly and gradually making new friends in the group after a few months V then started going to the group nearer to where she lived.
She has a new social circle and enjoys regular outings in addition to her exercise and slimming regime.
To date she has lost over 3 stone and is now out of the chair in the gym doing sit ups.