Take part in your own marathon, your way, in your timescale (as long as it’s completed by 28 April 2019).

You can achieve a personal goal, get active, and raise money for our charity by taking part in our virtual marathon.

How to get started

You set yourself a challenge to travel 26.219 miles in whatever way you can manage. 

That’s about 2,000 to 2,500 steps per mile, or about 52,500 steps for the whole marathon.

Can you do 500 steps a day for 101 days?
Could you walk a mile to work for 26 days?
Could you use a hand bike?
What about a rowing machine?
Do you have access to a treadmill?

Whatever way you decide then just count your steps and calculate the distance in miles (or kilometres) every time you complete an activity.

Simply add your distance to your sponsor form and see how far you've travelled and how far you have to go to the finish line at 26.219 miles.

Please post a message on your Facebook, Twitter and on your own page on this website. Complete the form below to get set-up and you'll be able to share this page with your friends (by email, text and Facebook/Twitter etc).

And you'll be able to report on your progress, exchange messages with friends and followers, all the itme helping to raise money for our charity. Visitors to your page can even donate funds from your own page.

Or if online fundraising isn't right for you then please print off a sponsorship form, share your challenge with your family and friends 'offline' and fill in the form, collect the sponsorship money and bring it (or post a cheque to us) here at Poynters House, Poynters Road in Dunstable.

If you have any questions about the Virtual Marathon then please check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or call us on 01582 470 900 or contact us by email for full details today.